Mulch/Topsoil Pricing and Information

Our premium grade color enhanced mulches are a combination of shreds of wood root, barkwood,  & chips, and have been designed as an attractive enhancement to beautify any home or landscape.  Our mulch is richer, more vibrant and the environmentally friendly color lasts much longer than regular hardwood mulches.  All mulches are currently available by the yard for pickup and delivery.

The dye used for the mulch is carbon or oxide based depending on the color.  Both substances are found in nature; therefore, they are both safe for plants.  The dye is water-based, so as a result it must sufficiently dry before it is rained on.  In order to ensure proper drying time, dyed mulch needs approximately 48 hours to set once it is spread.  No matter how far in advance the product is made, it does not dry completely until it has been spread.


The benefits of mulch:

  •  Mulch Suppresses Weed Growth
  •  Conserves Soil Moisture
  •  Promotes Healthy Root Systems for your plants and flowers
  •  Dyed Mulch is Processed to Hold its Color Longer
  •  Mulching your yard complements your Home Decor
Pick Up Price 1 Cubic Yard Delivered 2 Cubic Yards Delivered 3-5 Cubic Yards Delivered 6-10 Cubic Yards Delivered
Black Mulch $28/cu.yds. $50/cu.yds. $45/cu.yds. $35/cu.yds. $32/cu.yds.
Brown Mulch $28/cu.yds. $50/cu.yds. $45/cu.yds. $35/cu.yds. $32/cu.yds.
Triple Ground Mulch $28/cu.yds. $50/cu.yds. $45/cu.yds. $35/cu.yds. $32/cu.yds.
Screened Topsoil $35/cu.yds. $55/cu.yds. $50/cu.yds. $45/cu.yds.

*Prices for delivery are based on a 5-mile radius from our shop. Prices are subject to PA Sales Tax and may change without notice.


For best results follow our installation tips:

  • Pull all weeds from garden beds prior to installing mulch.
  • Apply Round-up to any small weeds that remain.
  • Preen can be applied prior to mulch installation to assist mulch in preventing weed germination.
  • Redefine edges of garden beds by digging down 2-3″ so mulch remains in beds after installation.
  • Apply mulch 2-4″ deep.  (Please note:  Applying mulch in excess of 4″ can be detrimental to your plantings as air and water will have difficulty reaching them.)
  • Do not apply mulch directly to the base of any trees, shrubs, etc, as this will promote rotting of your plant material.
  • Once it is installed, smooth the mulch with a plastic leaf rake in order to create a beautiful evenly mulched garden bed.
  • Clean mulch from grassy areas, plant material, and hardscapes.
  • Periodically maintain your beds by pulling any weeds that grow from underneath the mulch.
  • Enjoy the Beauty of your yard for the remainder of the summer!
Garden Supplies

It is important to us to have tools and supplies on hand for your landscaping needs.

Check out our store!  We have garden tools, typar paper, Preen Plus, fertilizers, insecticides, beetle traps, watering implements, shovels, spades, rakes, trellis, and bed edging. If your garden hose is in need of repair we have items to fix them too!

We also have an assortment of flower pots and containers, coco lined hanging baskets, gloves, hand pruners, and a supply of garden tools.

Annuals & Perennials

Annuals bring color and seasonal charm to your garden.  Annuals live and die in one season and must be replanted each year.  All of our annuals are grown on our premises and are given tender loving care so they are ready for sale in the spring.   You may buy them in “cell packs”, in flats, or individual pots.

Perennials are plants that die down, endure the winter, but grow back bigger than ever when the spring comes.  Perennials can be planted at any time throughout the growing season, until 2-3 weeks before the ground freezes. Perennials are ideal for planting in your garden as they provide spectacular color and foliage season after season.  Select a plant for a sunny or shady location and with proper care it will bloom year after year.

We offer a wonderful supply of hanging baskets in the spring through the summer months, along with planters in a variety of sizes, custom designed by us.

We will also “plant-up” your containers!  Bring us your patio planters, choose your plants and we will be happy to plant your patio containers for you for a reasonable fee.  Let us do your dirty work!