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Landscape & Design

We offer both virtual imaging and CAD plans as a part of our landscape service. Designs and imaging are available as a stand-alone process for which there is a fee. This would apply if you were going to use a separate contractor. If we secure the bid there is a credit applied to the final payment. Although submission of images and plan views have a fee, we would be glad to meet with you on site to give you a ‘ballpark” estimate of your project for no charge.

Virtual Imaging

Virtual imaging is a process whereby digital pictures of your project are used to “click and drag” pictures of plants and hardscapes from a digital library so you can view what your completed project will look like!

Scale Drawing

As an overall part of the process we also provide a scale drawing in color with a computer-aided program so that whether we do the installation or you do it, there is an accurate plan view for the placement of the plants.

Our Certifications

Registered Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor – PA HIC #048720
Licensed Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator – Category 7, Lawn and Turf
Member of the Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania (LCAP)

Our Qualifications

B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture, Delaware Valley University 1972
Over 40 years of experience
Fully licensed and insured

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