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Lawn Maintenance

We are licensed in the State of Pennsylvania as a certified lawn care applicator and we are a member of the Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania (LCAP).

We are a full-service landscape and lawn maintenance company.  We offer lawn mowing, weed control, pest control, fertilizer applications, lime applications, thatching, over-seeding, lawn installation, lawn renovation, and core aerating. In our lawn applications we try to minimize the use of chemicals and use organic remedies whenever possible.  Please contact us for a quotation on our turf spraying services.  We can offer a tailored program to suit your needs or on-demand applications to remedy a situation.  In most circumstances, we can provide you with a rough quote based on your square footage. Our lawn mowing equipment is well maintained and our blades are sharp to give you the best-looking lawn.  We also adjust our mowing techniques to your lawn, and for each part of the growing season to ensure your lawn is as healthy as can be.

Our core aeration program will improve the quality of your lawn by loosening compacted soil which increases the availability of air and water to the root zone.  This increases the lawn’s drought tolerance, and improves its overall health.

A healthy lawn can be less chemical dependent with proper mowing height, aeration, watering, and general care.  We can tailor a program to fit your lawn conditions to make it as healthy and lush as it can be.  We pay special attention to maintaining the proper Ph of your soil to maximize the health of the root system.  We also provide shrub and ornamental small tree pruning services as part of our overall property care.  Large shade tree pruning is available through a separate contractor we use.


Spring Clean-up and Mulching

Our total care program begins with the removal of any leaves and branches from the beds and lawn. If edging is required it will be quoted as part of the project. We offer several different types of mulch, including dyed black and brown, and triple shredded bank, and we can supply and install bag pine bark or cedar. This part of the program needs to be quoted particular to your circumstances. Mulch is also available in bulk deliveries or may be picked up. Edging and mulching can also be provide as a stand-along service.

Shrub Pruning

Let’s face it! We can not find a plant that will not grow, unless, of course, it is no longer thriving! The proper pruning time is determined by the seasonal growing pattern of each individual plant species. Dave is a ‘master pruner’ equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for the proper cut-back!

Leaf Removal

Removal of leaves from the lawn surface on a regular basis (i.e. 2 to 4 times from the end of October thru November), promotes a healthier lawn. If leaves are left on the lawn, or shredded, they inhibit light and sniffle the root system.

We offer seasonal leaf clearing and hauling as a stand-alone program or as an integrated part of the total care program. The application is tailored to fit your circumstance; whether the leaves can be blown into adjoining woods, left curbside for municipal pick-up, or vacuumed into our truck and hauled away. The service includes raking/blowing of leaves from the bed areas as well as the lawn.

Our Certifications

Registered Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor – PA HIC #048720
Licensed Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator – Category 7, Lawn and Turf
Member of the Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania (LCAP)

Our Qualifications

B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture, Delaware Valley University 1972.
Over 40 years of experience.
Fully licensed and insured.

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